Welcome from the school chancellor

Ms. Gladys Wong

MA in Family Centred-Practice & Family Therapy, (Polyu)

BSc (Hons) in Psychology, (ManU)

I would like to welcome parents from the team here at Grimm International School.

Chinese says 0-3 years old determine the future, in fact, children under 3 year old have 30% more ability to memories, it is the golden period to develop and learn, it paves one’s future.


Every child is different and school plays an important role to develop a whole child, more importantly to facilitate students to develop and identity their role in school community. Social elements, collaboration is essential to develop one’s critical thinking and creativity, in order to catch up fast pacing society with speedy technological change.


At Grimm we strive to integrate art, music, drama and storytelling to scaffold students’ learning to learn skills, positive attitude and confident to interact with the world. Every 3 months, we have professional team to support and fulfil our students’ developmental needs, including Family Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Expressive Therapist.


Family is the foundation and parents are the great educator of children. They shape a child’s personality, ability and future. As a School Chancellor from Family Therapy and Psychology background, family interaction and relationship is vital. Grimm International School will walk together with parents from school to family, shape the future of a child hand in hand with parents.


Grasp the golden period to develop your child with our professional team!

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