• With the belief that Early Childhood Education constitutes a fundamental aspect of basic education for children, our aim at offering a high quality early childhood programme by integrating educational theories into teaching practice.

  • We provide a safe and resource-rich environment for young children so that they can experience the joy of learning. At the same time, we seek to instill positive learning attitudes in our children with the hope of fostering a balanced growth in the areas of moral, cognitive, language, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and creative development.


  • To care for, listen to, share with and respect the children”.


A good curriculum for all round development of young children should take into prime consideration their needs and developmental stages, including physical, language, intellectual, social and emotional aspects. It should also acknowledge learning as a process, best achieved through play and actual experience. Thus children should be given ample opportunities to participate in explorative activities from stories, and to interact with different people and environment. Based on this principle, our classes have through the years, developed a curriculum that embraces the following vision:

  •             Respect children’s uniqueness in personality, age, ability and experience.

  •             Provide a learning environment that supports children’s development and inquiries.

  •             Encourage children to learn by doing, experimenting and exploring.

  •             Create opportunities to facilitate children’s language and cultural development.

  •             Encourage children to accept one another and appreciate each other’s work.

Our educational philosophy is based on Lev Vygotsky’s philosophy of Constructivism. We believe social interactions are critical in the age of 2-3.  Knowledge to the child is co-constructed between them, teacher and family.  We also emphasis in developing child's self-regulation through internalization.  To achieve that,  kid's development occurs through language, visual symbols and stories. 

Grimm's education extends the love inherent in human beings to include love for all people, animals, plant life and the inanimate world. This outlook is based on a belief in holistic and collective harmony. We also emphasis on inter-connection, unity in diversity, the use of science and technology for the welfare of all and maintaining an ecologically balanced world.

Children stay in our Nursery school for a short time, but during this time, the seeds of their future are planted in the attitudes and character formed in these critical developmental years. The essence of this neohumanist education curriculum is expressed when children retain the following essential ideas, forming the basis of a healthy psychology which, once “planted” continues to grow and flourish throughout life.

  • “I am good, I love and I am loved” – the basis for self-esteem, optimism and positivity​

  • “I love to learn” – the basis for a life-long enthusiasm for continual growth and self-improvement

  • “I love to help others and the world around me” – the basis for  service-mindedness and meaningfulness that comes from the satisfaction of making an active contribution in the world

  • “I am happy when others are happy” – the basis for a strong personality with a moral conscience, empathy for all, cooperative spirit and collective consciousness.

  • “I am never alone or helpless, the force that guides the stars guides me too”- the basis for a spiritual sense of connectedness, security, and trust in the benevolence of the universe.

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