Grimm Nursery offers a well-rounded curriculum based on free play, group and individual activities. The various activities included in the curriculum are based on United Nations (UN) International Days themes such as milk, food, water, earth, pollution, energy, sleep, myself, family, people around us, engineer, post office, human rights, birds, animals, insects, plants and much more. Activities included in our curriculum include:

Language Arts

Reading: Stories, books and other language arts materials with emphasis on universal outlook are selected consciously. All core areas of study (social studies, math, science, speech, art and values oriented studies) are correlated through language arts.

Writing: Writing is supported by providing occasions for creative fine motor activities involving the fingers and hands, such as painting, playing, drawing, cutting, working with clay as well as sand.

Storytelling and Imagination

The scientific and mind-expanding techniques of imagination and creative visualization are introduced and practiced as well as LEGO's hands on minds on exercises helps to calm and balance the restless energy of the child and find his/her inner peace. The children have a lot of opportunities to listen and participate in the discussion of values oriented stories and dramas.

Social Studies

Children understand themselves, their position in the family, as well as community. Children demonstrate appreciation, respect and tolerance for diversity and cultivate universal sensitivity.

Since our setting is of multicultural backgrounds, the children are exposed to different ethnicity, gender, ages, skin, cultural dress, language, color, physical and mental challenges and specialties. Through stories and dramatic plays, children learn about other cultures and how to be respectful and kind to other people. Through their daily encounter with each other, children also learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully with courtesy and mutual respect.

Science, Ecology and Environmental Studies

Children are taught to understand the wonders of bio-diversity as found in the worlds of plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms (as well as the elemental forces) and their interrelationships and encourage them to develop a sentiment of benevolence and caring for the environment.

The Arts and Music

Children have the opportunity to experience integrated creative arts into every aspect of the school curriculum. A wide spectrum of activities are introduced including but not limited to drawing, singing, acting, moving, playing music, sculpting, and painting.

In Grimm, children have opportunity to learn how to learn basic dance movements as well as stage performance not as an extra-curricular activities but as a part of the curriculum apart from other music and movement activities.


We encourage young children to develop their mathematical skill through practical fun qualitative and quantitative activities at their own pace.

Physical Education

Diversified experiences are offered to practice gross and fine motor abilities. Play may include practicing spatial awareness and physical co-ordination skills as well as individual, group, co-operative, and competitive activities.

Health, Hygiene, and Safety

Health and hygiene practices are part of the daily rhythm of the class. The advantages of cleanliness and orderliness are examined as well as the importance of safe behavior.

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