We believe children must be supported to be:

  • Active Learners and Ready to Express

  • Systematically Creative with Disciplined Mind

  • Collaborate Learners with Respect and Ethics

Children become Active Learnes through:

  • Learning by connecting things in the real world, and in this way constructing knowledge in their minds.

  • Making their mark and expressing their originality in the learning environment.

  • Feeling ownership and taking charge, being proactive and internally driven.

  • Developing Grwoth Mindset that nuture love of learning and resilience

Children become Systematically Crative with Disciplined Mind through:

  • Learning by combining reasoning with playfulness and imagination.

  • Learning by mastering tools and giving form to thoughts.

  • Building capacity to uncover new problems, questions and phenomena from their lens.

  • Developing the habit of combining, exploring, and tansforming ideas and objects and to communicate to others.

Children become Collaborative Learners with Respect and Ethics through:

  • Learning from interpreted experiences and sharing of other people, including peers and teachers. 

  • Healping each other to learn, each according to their ability.

  • Building awareness of and appreciation for differences among human beings and human groups.

  • Creating the sense of fulfillment of their responsibilities as a human in nature and as a citizen in the world. 

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